Natural & Applied Sciences Division Events

February 16 - 22, 2019

Saturday, February 16

Middle School Girls STEM Day

Middle School Girls STEM Day - come explore career options in engineering and the sciences.

Thursday, February 21

Computer Science Seminar: Jim Leamer

“How technology is used in missions” by Jim Leamer - Wycliffe Bible Translators Some of the topics include lasers that are used for shooting mosquitos,...

Math Colloquium: Yew-Meng Koh

“Actuarial Science - overview, career pathways, and the Society of Actuaries' Probability Exam” by Yew-Meng Koh, Ph.D, Mathematics Department Actuarial...

Friday, February 22

Chemistry Seminar: Dr. Patrick Holland, Yale University

"The Global Nitrogen Cycle and Nitrogen Fixation by Iron Complexes" “Nitrogen Fixation” refers to chemical processes that convert N2 from the air into...

February 16 - 22, 2019