Friday, April 6

Junior Day

Junior Days are all about flexibility! Choose activities and sessions to create a day that make the most sense for you and your college plans. Each of our...

Culture, Commerce, & Criticism

The exhibition features fifty works of art ranging in date from the early 1500s to the early 2000s and includes works by many notable artists, including...

This is a recurring event - more dates ahead!
Catholic Mass

All are welcome to participate through prayer and song. Catholics in a state of grace are invited to receive Eucharist. For more information, please visit...

This is a recurring event - more dates ahead!
Engineering Seminar

Mixing plays an important role in various industries, from oil and gas to chemical processing to pharmaceuticals. Wherever there is a combination of two or...

Physics Seminar: Ryan Balili

Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) defect centers in diamond offer a convenient two-level system for quantum information studies and quantum sensing applications....

Neckers Lecture: Dr. Eric Anslyn, University of Texas - Austin

The need for increasingly user-friendly and rapid assays for ee has arisen recently due the advent of parallel synthesis protocols for asymmetric reaction...

Senior Art Exhibition "Out of Touch"

The public is invited to both the exhibition and the reception. Admission is free. The exhibition will feature work by graduating seniors who have majors in...

This is a recurring event - more dates ahead!
Carry The Love Tour

This is not just another worship or prayer time! Carry The Love is a night where we are stirred to action by the life that Jesus lived. We are walking away...

Jackbox and Party Games Night

Come join us for a night of Jackbox and other party games! We hope you will come and enjoy the fun!

Friday, April 6