Community Conversation on Self Care

Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Jim and Martie Bultman Student Center, Seminar Room 004A/004B 115 E. 12th Street Holland, MI

Specifically, participants will learn what “radical self -care” is, and why it is important. Personal self-care strategies will be the focus, and Drs. Doshi and Parker will facilitate a discussion workshop to (1) identify their radical self-care strategy(ies) and (2) pinpoint the intentionality(ies) and process(es) behind these strategies.


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Campus-Life, Student Development, Center for Diversity and Inclusion, G.R.O.W., Academics, Social Sciences Division, Communication


You’ve probably heard the term “self care” used a whole lot. And yet, practicing self-care continues to be a challenge. In this community conversation,  Dr. Marissa J. Doshi (Communication) and Dr. Kendra R. Parker (English) will lead a directed discussion about the concept of self-care, busting popular myths about the concept while also discussing strategies for mindful engagement.

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