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Computer Science Seminar: Summer Research Student Presentations

This is a past event.

Thursday, October 21, 2021 11am

27 Graves Place, Holland, MI 49423-3617

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 “Algoraph but in C++” by Adam James Czeranko and Andres Solorzano, mentor Dr. Chuck Cusack


Abstract: Given a configuration of “pebbles” on a graph G, a pebbling move removes two pebbles from a source vertex and one pebble is added to an adjacent vertex. A vertex is reachable if there is a sequence of pebbling moves that places one pebble on the vertex; a graph is solvable if every vertex is reachable. The pebbling number of graph g is the smallest integer 𝜋(G), such that any configuration that uses 𝜋(G) pebbles is solvable. A graph satisfies the two-pebbling property if for any configuration of more than 2𝜋(G) - q pebbles, where q is the number of vertices in G with at least one pebble, two pebbles can be moved to any vertex. Through heuristics and algorithms, Algoraph is a program that allows a user to run multiple permutations of pebbles on a graph and determine the reachability, solvability, and satisfaction of the two-pebbling property. Algoraph was originally coded in Java by Dr. Cusack and was translated into C++ by Adam James Czeranko and Andres Solorzano. Through proper data management and parallelization of code, the team developed a new, more efficient version of Algoraph.


TreeSap 3.2: Bringing People to Trees on Android and iOS” by Evan Mulshine, mentor Dr. Michael Jipping


Abstract: TreeSap is a mobile app that was created to help people understand and appreciate the value of trees in Holland, Michigan. TreeSap uses data collected by the City of Holland and Hope College to identify trees by GPS location, manual coordinates, or map. Users can also submit their own trees to be added to the database upon review by trusted curators.  Evan will present work from this summer to update the software.



“MyMilkData: Collecting Data from Young Mothers on Breastfeeding” by Isabella Lemus and Kealeigh Usaik, mentor Michael Jipping


Absatract: MyMilkData is software created to support research by Dr. Anita Esquerra-Zwiers in the Nursing department.  It collects data and provides education for mothers on breastfeeding before and after the birth of a child.  Our work this summer provided a way for mothers to learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and to provide data on how breastfeeding affects the child.  

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