Constitution Day 2017: John Smietanka

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 11:00am to 12:30pm

A. Paul Schaap Science Center, Auditorium 1019 35 East 12th Street, Holland, MI 49423-3605

The concept of separating the powers of government that is laid out in our Constitution is not new in history. Monarchs, emperors, their nobility, armies, the rich, and even judges have wielded absolute power. Montesquieu taught that separating governmental powers was the best form of government. Our Constitution adopted it, with some checks and balances, in 1788. It has worked, sometimes better than others, for 229 years. Now bitter personal animosities, passionate polarization, powerful extra-governmental forces, apparent existential threats from abroad, and another round of calls for secession are stressing our Constitutional government. Can we survive as a nation under our Constitution?

John Smietanka focuses his more than forty-five years of experience in law and government on helping clients in criminal defense, federal and state litigation, civil rights, complex business and commercial litigation, Constitutional issues, government agencies and programs, and local and state government issues.

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Academics, Social Sciences Division, Political Science


Constitution Day 2017: Separation of Powers: The Salvation of the World or the Path to the End?

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