Critical Issues Symposium Keynote Speaker: Chuck Collins

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Dimnent Memorial Chapel
277 College Avenue, Holland, MI 49423-3646

He is cofounder of the Patriotic Millionaires. Born on Third Base: A One Percenter Makes the Case for Tackling Inequality, Bringing Wealth Home, and Committing to the Common Good (Chelsea Green, Fall 2016)

Collins is a storyteller and organizer best known for his efforts to bridge the stuck national debate about wealth inequality and taxes. He is co-author, with Bill Gates Sr., ofWealth and Our Commonwealth: Why American Should Tax Accumulated Fortunes.  He is co-author with Mary Wright of The Moral Measure of the Economy (Orbis 2008), about Christian ethics and economic life.  His most recent book is 99 to 1: How Wealth Inequality is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do About It.

He has a BA in History and Economics from Hampshire College and an Masters in Science and Community Economic Development at Southern New Hampshire University.

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Academics, Campus-Life, Critical Issues Symposium





Chuck Collins is a senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies where he directs the Program on Inequality and the Common Good and is coeditor of 

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