Faith and Scholarship Discussion Series: Brian Rider

Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 8:00am to 10:00am

A. Paul Schaap Science Center, 1118 35 East 12th Street, Holland, MI 49423-3605

For most of my life, there existed a divide between my religion and professional pursuits. At an early age, I understood how my Catholicism affected my personal life, providing the moral and ethical structures on which to guide my behavior. However, I rarely explored the role of faith in my professional/academic life. Recently, I began altering my outlook. I stopped viewing my job as an “occupation” and begin identifying it as my “vocation”: something I was called to do. While at Hope I’ve started cultivating this new mindset and developing the vocabulary required to better articulate my change in perspective. My talk will focus on my vocational journey and how these recent insights have informed my teaching, impacted my scholarship, and (hopefully) assisted my students in discovering their own vocational calling.

Each week a member of the Hope College faculty will lead a discussion about the integration of faith and scholarship in the context of vocation. This is an excellent opportunity to be part of a broader conversation about these critically important issues. Coffee, juice, and breakfast snacks will be served. Concludes by 9 am. 

June 29: Mike Jipping (Computer Science)

July 6: Sarah Kornfield (Communication)

July 13: Tori Pelz (Art)

The Faith & Scholarship Discussion Series is part of a vision for Hope College as a community of faithful Christian scholars. In order to build this, we—faculty, staff, and students—need to meet with one another in fellowship to discuss how the breadth of meaning inherent in terms like “faith” and “scholarship” creates a depth of their possible integration. 

You can see a video about the Faith & Scholarship Discussion Series here

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Brian Rider (Kinesiology): Developing a Mindset and Building a Vocabulary: The Journey Towards a Better Understanding of My Vocational Calling

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