Physics Seminar: Håkan Rensmo

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 3:00pm

VanderWerf Hall, 104 27 Graves Place, Holland, MI 49423-3617

New materials and material combinations for the use in solar cells and Li-ion batteries has been subject of substantial academic and commercial research over the last decades. The efficiency of the conversion process in these systems is largely dependent on the properties of the interfacial region including material organisation as well as the energy matching between the different condensed phases including inorganic materials, molecular materials and electrolytes. Insight into the material organisation and electronic structure is therefore crucial in order to understand and optimize the function. X-ray based techniques such as photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) are powerful for obtaining such information at an atomic level due to the possibility for element specificity. This presentation discusses how synchrotron based PES can be used for understanding energy related materials and the interactions between them with.

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Academics, Natural & Applied Sciences Division, Physics


“Interfaces for battery and solar cell applications - atomic level understanding using X-ray based Spectroscopy” by Professor Håkan Rensmo, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

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