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“Big and Small, Tall and Short, and the Bark: What’s the Genetics?'

1/21 3pm

“Your "Steak" in the World: Evidence of Harm to People, the Planet, And a Sustainable Food Secure Opportunity for the Future"

1/28 3pm

New methods in astronomy and new models in evolutionary biology have opened up new expectations that we humans may not be alone in the cosmos. How are...

2/3 7pm

“Ken-O-Sha: Working for Reconciliation in a West Michigan Watershed"

2/4 3pm

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Bryanna Pratt left a positive review 3/9/2017

I really enjoyed their presentation. I thought it gave great information about the inner workings of the company and how people interact with one another. The only thing I didn't like was that Amway came after all their internship positions had been filled. I wish they had come sooner in the second semester so I would have known about them.

Victoria Chapman left a positive review 2/8/2017

I loved having the panel in the President's room as the layout of the room allowed for an open floor plan which eased discussion. In addition, considering Marketing can be such a broad field, I thoroughly appreciated the diverse panelists, I felt as though I had a question for each of them and not one of them alone could answer all my questions. A job well done!

Valentin Mozheev left a positive review 1/25/2017

It was great, thank you for this opportunity!

Graves Hall posted a photo 6/30/2015