Concert Series

Concert Series is a branch of the Student Activities Committee (SAC). Members of Concert Series apply each spring, and bring live music to Hope College.

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Student Organizations

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 Gungor, the Brilliance, and Propaganda

Doors are to open at 7 p.m. Gungor, The Brilliance, and Propaganda brought to you by Hope College Concert Series and Hope College Campus Ministries. Lisa...

2/18 7:30pm

Biography: "Hailing from somewhere in the great lakes state, Michigander was born out of restless feet and the need to say something. Though live shows and...

2/22 8pm
Novo Amor

Biography: There is a stretch of road that runs through the Adirondack national park, just a few miles of houses and barns and truck stops and trees, that...

3/29 8pm
Snail Mail

"Lindsey Jordan is on the brink of something huge, and she’s only just graduated high school. Her voice rises and falls with electricity throughout Lush, her...

4/6 8pm

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